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Solar Energy Q&A:

Q: Is my home suitable & in a suitable location?

A: The best location for maximum benefit from the PV system is to have a South, South East or South West facing roof top or wall which is not over shadowed by other buildings or trees, etc. The roof or structure must be able to take the weight of the panels.

Q: How much will it cost?

A: As an average, small systems start from £2500.00 depending on how many solar panels are required. An average domestic system will have a 2 kWp system installed.

Q: How is it installed?

A: The installation process is carried out by our MCS qualified installers. To find out more about the process please contact us and one of our consultants will be happy to go through this in detail with you.

Q: How much will I get paid?

A: The guaranteed income on a feed in tariff for electricity generated is in accordance with the F.I.T.S tariff for a retrofit installation. This is guaranteed for 20 years (if you install your system before March 2012). Return on Investment on a 2 kWp system, depending on personal usage, is expected to be around 8% and should cover your capital outlay.

Q: How will I get paid?

A: On completion of the installation, we register the installation on the FIT database from which your MCS certificate is generated.

Once your PV system is installed, you contact your energy supplier with your MCS eligibility certificate. Your energy supplier will then confirm your tariff.

Q: Do I need Planning Permission?

A: The majority of solar installations are exempt from planning in England & Scotland – depending on various criteria - size of the solar installation; listed building; conservation area. However, it is still worth checking with your local authority.

In Northern Ireland & Wales, planning permission is currently required. This may change soon but again, it is advisable to check with your local authority.

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