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Solar for Business.

Feed In Tariffs/ Clean Energy Scheme:

  • Generation Tariff: is a set rate paid by your energy supplier for every kWh generated.
  • Export Tariff: you receive an additional 3p per kWh from your energy supplier for every unit you export into the grid.
  • Energy bill savings: by generating electricity for your own use instead of buying in electricity from your energy supplier.

Solar for Business:

Now really is the time to take a serious look at renewable energy systems, for the sake of the planet and your pocket. The financial and environmental benefits of using energy generated via solar PV technology gives you the opportunity to make difference, not only now, but for generations to come.

A 365 Solar PV energy system can connect seamlessly into your existing national grid connection:

  • Schools, Colleges and Universities
  • Office Buildings
  • Commercial Developments (including Retail)
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Large Scale Solar PV Systems
  • Ground Mounted Solar PV Systems (Solar Farms)
  • Architectual Projects
  • Residential Developments
  • Hospitals and Medical Centres
  • Community Buildings

Our solar PV solutions are tailored to each customers particular needs, meeting all the technical requirements to the highest possible level. Our large team can undertake an entire SPV project from start to finish and our systems are suitable for all areas of commercial requirements - delivering you potential energy, cost savings and income.

You can have confidence in the long-term efficiency of our systems and the warranty protection we provide. And whilst you can expect your system to generate electricity for you for at least the next 25 years virtually maintenance free, the payback for a solar PV system is now less than 10 years.

The benefits of a solar PV system for Public Sector Organisations:

It makes good sense for public sector bodies to embrace renewable energy technology, as it is in line with Government sustainability goals - providing a financially practical method for reducing your carbon footprint and providing a potential income for your organisation.

Solar PV panels are an excellent solution for organisations needing to meet the sustainability levels required - such as the Code for Sustainable Homes that is applicable to housing associations.

We will aim to assist any public sector organisations achieve their energy reduction and sustainability goals, by helping them make use of the feed in tariff which is available for electricity generated by a solar PV system. This Feed in Tariff will be guaranteed at the same rate for 25 years, providing savings and potential income for the lifetime of your system.

Choosing solar PV shows a level of social responsibility and awareness of climate change which will help you promote a green image.

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