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Benefits of Solar:

Lower your electricity bills

We estimate that based on typical usage - a PV system will generate approximately 40% of your household energy requirements.

By generating your own electricity you will have more control over your bills and protect you from future electricity price increases.

Generate an income

By selling electricity generated by your back up system back into the grid via the Feed In Tariff.

Increase the value of your home

The ability to produce your own solar or green energy is set to become the norm and selling a home with solar energy already installed is evidently an additional benefit. The lifetime benefit of an average 2 kWp system is approximately £20,000.

Create a sustainable energy source

Solar energy does not rely on a source which is depleting, it does not cause pollution or produce greenhouse gases. By using PV as an energy resource it will cut CO2 by over 1 tonne per annum thereby reducing your carbon footprint dramatically. This equates, over the lifetime of an average 2kWp system to around 30 tonnes.

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